Viaplus V12 Wheelchair Power Pack

Viaplus V12 Wheelchair Power Pack

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The viaplus V12 by Alber is specially made to provide comfort to users while also relieving the carer the task of pushing always. Pushing could sometimes appear to be a difficult task for the carer; that has been addressed in the viaplus V12 wheelchair power pack. Thanks to the automatic braking function that offers optimal safety. The intelligent spring system ensures a comfortable and quiet ride, automatically compensating for bumps or malformations of the road and making sure that the wheel always remains in contact with the ground.

The ingenious viaplus V12 damping system allows you to engage and disengage the drive wheels at the touch of a button on a pedal, thus facilitating its use. With this device, pushing wheelchairs becomes a task without effort and lighten the work for the nursing staff.

The drive unit of alber viaplus V12 fits perfectly under the frames of Invacare Rea comfort chairs Azalea and Clematis (height 45 cm). This is made possible by its low clutter, seat rocker, and backrest armchair, which are preserved, thus allowing preserving of all the benefits related to these features. viaplus V12 can simply be left on the wheelchair after a walk without restricting the use of its functions.

  • Ideal for transportation: viaplus V12 can be dismantled without tools in three parts and can be easily stored, stored, and transported in a car trunk or luggage compartment. This process can be done in a few minutes.
  • Keep control with one hand: All features are clearly indicated on the handle – non-slip control that can be operated with one hand for effortless and straightforward use.
  • Rechargeable battery: It features a rechargeable battery that can be discreetly mounted under the chair seat and is powerful enough to achieve long walks.
  • Adjustable batteries: The batteries can be recharged quickly and easily using the battery charger, which automatically adjusts to the mains voltage.
  • Easy to push: The viaplus V12 drive control adjusts to the handle wheelchair comfort without hindering the use of wheelchair functions.