About Us

A vibrant, forward thinking mobility company nestled in the heart of the East Midlands.

With one large showroom already, and another on the way in 2021 we’re proud to have a huge range of stock available for demonstration and a great team of people to support you along the way.

From scooters to active wheelchairs, riser chairs, beds, and everything in between; we’re committed to helping you find the best solution to live your life as freely and comfortably as possible.

Although we’re based in the middle of the English countryside that doesn’t mean we’re limited on who we can help. We ship all over Europe, and our service and repair team operates a Nationwide service. The best bit? If you are a bit closer to home we would love to see you in person, and Rutland is a truly beautiful area, ideal for a great day out.

Founded in 2011 as an extension to an already successful company in Stratford Upon Avon, we’re  a long standing mobility business with the knowledge and experience to make sure you're needs are met every step of the way. The founder – Mick Copas – is still actively involved in the day to day business and still as committed as he was on day one to helping find the best mobility solutions for a wide range of different disabilities.  We care about providing you with the best possible service and know how important it is to both listen to and understand your needs. As a result, we’ve got a great team of skilled people with a wealth of training and qualifications behind them, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

Our regular customers might have noticed a particularly big difference at the minute with the name change and re-branding! We know this might come as a bit of a shock but we’re delighted to announce the launch of Aspire2 and wanted to give all our loyal customers a huge welcome and thank you for your continued support. A few of you may be wondering what prompted the decision but it’s a simple one really. As a company that always strives to improve and stand-out we are regularly assessing our values and what it is that makes us just that little bit different. We don’t believe you should have to settle for anything less than your ideal mobility solution, and are continuously pushing boundaries to make sure that’s exactly what we’re able to offer. Whilst Oakham Mobility has served us well now for almost ten years, it didn’t say much about us as a team (apart from where we are located!), whereas Aspire2 states our brand values much better. We’re aspiring to be a friendly face in the mobility industry that you can trust to recommend and supply the best quality, and suited, products for you. We know how important it is to meet not just our customers basic needs but help them achieve their real hopes and desires too – in short, whatever it is you aspire to!

Our ethos is simple - quality service, tailored to every individual, we really strive to go the extra mile. Customers are at the heart of what we do, and who we are. We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we build with our customers. Understanding the needs of our customers is vital in allowing us to continue improving the product ranges we offer and the support we can provide. We take a consultative approach when advising our customers, there is no hard sell. Being able to provide the correct product to meet your exact needs is as important to us as it is to you. Time and time again we’ve been able to help improve the quality of life of our customers and there is nothing more rewarding than that.

Our vision? To make sure no-one struggles unnecessarily. Regardless of the difficulties you are facing, we want to help. We’ve met a huge variety of people with a wealth of different needs and our years of experience in the industry mean that we know how important freedom and independence are. Unfortunately however, even in 2020, people are still suffering. Whether it’s through discrimination, embarrassment, or simple lack of knowledge about the help available we meet a lot of people who simply aren’t getting the help they deserve. We’re committed to changing that in any way we can, whether it’s through raising awareness, offering advice, or pointing someone in the right direction for charitable funding. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, for Aspire2 it’s not about the hard sell. It’s about becoming a household name and a portal for change, a place where there is no judgement, but a compassionate and welcoming team ready to go the extra mile for the disabled community.

Aspire to freedom, aspire to comfort, aspire to independence. Whatever it is you aspire to, we’re the company to make it happen.


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