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Riser & Recliner Chairs

 Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect riser chair, with our bespoke made to measure rise and recliners.

Correctly assessed, tailored to your needs and fitted to your measurements, because people don’t always come in 'small, medium and large'! This is where it all starts and is critical in getting you the right chair.

Our bariatric and healthcare chairs have numerous options such as wipe clean, breathable fabric, various back posture cushion options and pressure relief seating. With impressive weight limits of up to 50 stone, there’s sure to be something to suit every need.

Did you know?

Our Aspire2 team are fully trained by occupational therapists in seating and cushioning options, able to take measurements and do home assessments. With a high volume of qualifications and experience, we’re here to support you and offer advice every step of the way.

The lead time of our made to measure chairs can be as quick as 3-4 weeks. If you’re looking for a faster option we do have a selection of popular ready-made chairs below. If you need any further advice about which size or style to go for please do get in touch, either by filling in the attached form or calling on 01572 755204.

We have a variety of chairs available for demonstration in our showroom. Why not pay us a visit and spend time with one of the Aspire2 team members to find the perfect chair for you.

Back Options

Choose from a range of different back options, including Waterfall, Lateral and standard Button back. (images)

Take advantage of cutting edge technology with our Tilt in Space recliner chairs, designed for maximum comfort. Ideal for anyone with hip, back pain swollen legs or spine curvature, these put no additional strain on the body since the chair moves in one smooth action retaining the same angle as it tilts. See our video below for further demonstration.

Looking for a chair where the backrest moves independently from the footrest? The independent dual motor is ideal for you. Put your feet up and stay upright, or lay down, the choice is up to you! (Video)

On a budget? Try a single motor chair. Simple but effective, these chairs will both stand you up and tilt you back as you require.

Made to Last – 5 Year Warranty with all of our Riser Chairs

No need to compromise on style - Choose from a wide range of different fabrics and colours