Autochair Hoists

Not sure which to go for? Simply give us a ring, we’ll ask for a few measurements and let you know which size and option would be best for you.

Working in direct partnership with Autochair, we can offer a variety of car adaptions, lifts and hoists to suit your needs.

Autochair - Disabled Car Adaptions, Lifts & Hoists

Do you want a larger scooter than has the power to take you further, with a more comfortable drive - but can't manage to get it in the car?

Perhaps you settle for something smaller than you would have liked so that you can manage to dismantle and lift it in. Maybe you even end up spending twice as much - and having one scooter for use at home and one for when taking out further afield? Here at Aspire 2, we don't believe you should have to compromise.

Working in direct partnership with Autochair, we can offer a variety of car adaptions, lifts and disabled hoists to suit your needs. Simply contact us or fill in the form below for a referral and an advisor will give you a ring with a few basic questions, such as your location, car type, and mobility equipment. Then book a free no obligation assessment to see what options would be available to you. It's as easy as that!

Whether you drive a hatchback, estate, MPV, or 4x4, so long as the opening into your boot is large enough to accommodate your scooter or powerchair we can provide a solution. With a variety of options and different lifting capabilities from 40kg right through to 200kg nothing is too big - or too small!

Ready to order? From point of ordering we aim to deliver and get fitted within just a couple of days so there's no need for a lengthy wait.

Unequivocally one of the world leaders in disabled vehicle adaptions, Autochair will always go the extra mile - so that you can too.

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