Viamobil V25 Wheelchair Power Pack

Viamobil V25 Wheelchair Power Pack

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viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack

viamobil wheelchair power pack ultimately made to enhance the mobility of your wheelchair. This is made possible via adding an electric driving assistance device to your existing wheelchair. With the Alber viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack, users can enjoy more independence in their daily life as well as when and where ever they want it. viamobil V25 can fit on most existing wheelchairs. Simply choose the armchair you desire and add a viamobil V25. It is simple and quick to fix it on the chair; the installation does not require tools or special skills. The features of the armchair (example: folding) remain operational, and besides, you enjoy more comfort and mobility.

Once viamobil V25 is attached to the wheelchair, flexible mobility is guaranteed. Its compact battery allows a range up to 20 km, and the engine allows it to cross important slopes and to brake downhill (up to 18% slope) effectively. More so, viamobil V25 fits on all types of manual wheelchairs having a minimum seat width of 36 cm.

The motorized wheel, located in a central position makes a chair particularly handy. Even downhill, viamobil V25 provides additional security: the engine brakes the chair on the slopes to relieve tensions for the third person. viamobil V25 takes you to your destination in a safe and relaxed way, even on difficult terrains. Below are some key features of viamobil V25:

  • Compact: The pack ultra-modern battery allows the battery module to compact, thus making it exceptionally lightweight and accessible to all. Thanks to its system magnetic, the battery pack is positioned by itself naturally during any reassembly.
  • Discrete: The bindings attach the Alber viamobil V25 to your chair.
  • Intuitive: The control handle with its ergonomic design ideally fused with the hand to make driving more enjoyable.
  • Intelligent - The charger battery adapts to the voltage of the electrical power and automatically shut down once the battery is fully loaded.
  • On/Off button: Adds convenience. When the unit is on, the drive wheel goes down automatically.
  • Battery level indicator: The screen displays the level of the battery.