Rascal WeGo Electric Wheelchair

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Pushing manual wheelchairs is tiring but the innovative WeGo Powerbase takes away that strain and allows you to enjoy days out with your loved one. Powered by its battery pack, the WeGo puts you in control, utilising delta style handlebars that allow you to manoeuvre with ease. This means no more aching arms or back and more fun for everyone.

Being easy to dismantle the WeGo can fit in most car boots and you only need to bring the battery pack inside for an overnight charge meaning you'll be ready to head off straightaway in the morning. 

Why buy a Rascal WeGo electric wheelchair?

  • Attendant Operated Powerchair.
  • Car Transportable – fits most car boots.
  • Comfortable Padded Seat.
  • Handle Hole in footplate to help lifting.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Wireless connectors for ease of dismantling.


Manual wheelchairs have been used for over 30 years and when introduced they gave mobility to many people who would be otherwise housebound. The main problem was if a carer had to push a wheelchair it was very tiring and hard work, so at the end of a day out they would be exhausted. The next solution was to bolt on a battery pack to help the carer but it was part solution to the problem. The WeGo is based on a powered base that is steered by the carer allowing power to take care of the strain, but offering more comfort in a padded seat than a standard wheelchair sling fabric seat. But the WeGo really comes into its own when its time to transport it in the car.It dismantles into easy manageable parts for loading into the car and battery pack can be charged off-board so you can leave the WeGo in the car boot ready for your next trip.