Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Available for lease under the Motability Scheme for only £31.56 a week

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Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

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Available for lease under the Motability Scheme for only £31.56 a week Do you qualify?

Q200 R


Popping out? The Q200 R is just as at home inside and out. Painstakingly researched, its compact dimensions provide highly-deceptive traction and stability over a variety of terrains, hills and even when tackling kerbs. With a longer length of 1070mm, 580mm width and sporting bigger 14” drive wheels and 9” castors, the Q200 R provides greater stability and traction than its little brother. It’s rugged exterior and extra-muscle comes in useful when riding over uneven terrain.


The Q200 R is in touch with its environment inside and outside. With larger castor wheels compared to the Q100 R, it’s able to tackle rough and uneven terrain in the big outdoors. The Q200 is also designed to be in your home space, with a weight of 98Kg and a fully fold-down back and removable leg rests and arms, the Q200 can easily be hoisted and packed snug in any vehicle or stored at home. • Larger Castor Wheels • Ultra-compact • Compact turning • Easy transfers.

Get out of any tight-spots with the Q200 R and its ultra-compact turning circle of 1700mm. Effortlessly turn in narrow hallways, kitchens and other restricted spaces without the need for complicated manoeuvres.

Choose from standard specification without the need for assessment from just £2200 depending upon tilt options. Otherwise fully configurable from just £2999.00.

Fixed tilt, 10kph and Standard Seating: £2695.00

Powered tilt, 6kph and Standard Seating: £2995.00

Powered tilt, 10kph and Comfort Seating: £3295.00

Includes FREE boxed delivery Nationwide

All base models include as standard:

  • Uni legrests and fixed footplates
  • Adjustable seat width between 15"-19"
  • Adjustable seat depth from 16" - 20"
  • 5cm Seat Cushion
  • Height and Depth Adjustable Armrests
  • Powered tilt options also with Sedeo armrests
  • 14" Drive wheels and 9" Castors


If you would like to discuss all customisable options please call on 01572 755204 and a member of our team would be happy to advise. We can offer in store or at home demonstration and assessment as required.

  • Max. Range: 31 km (19 miles)
  • Speed: 6 km/h
  • Batteries: 55 Ah
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 
  • Max Kerb Climb:7 0 mm - 100 mm (with Kerb Climber)
  • Electronics: VR2
  • Min. Weight: from 98 kg (incl. 55 Ah batteries)
  • Maximum User Weight: 136 kg

Seat adjustments include:


  • Seat width from 380-490mm with optional in-rig kit
  • Seat depth from 405 - 505 mm
  • Optional Legrest width from 15 - 19''
  • Backrest angle from 0, 4, 8 and 12 degrees
  • Seat angle from 0, 3 and 6 degrees
  • Side guard from 0 - 50 mm
  • Optional seat height from 450 - 490 mm
  • Armrest height 230 - 305 mm