Klaxon Klik Hybrid Handbike

Klaxon Klik Hybrid Handbike

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Klaxon Klick Hybrid Handbike

KLAXON KLICK HYBRID handbike, the innovative hybrid handbike for wheelchairs with smart technology that combines all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion.

The innovative KLICK Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patent approved) allows for your favourite KLICK handbike to be connected and disconnected within seconds. The universal connection hub adapts to all manual wheelchair types, including foldable wheelchairs. Experience a new level of freedom without compromising the manoeuvrability and comfort of your manual wheelchair. Line-up. Engage. KLICK.

Is there a walk that you miss? An adventure with the family you desire to get outdoors and be a part of? The Klaxon handbike range is so lightweight and compact it means you have a greater opportunity of being able to take it along everywhere with you, and ultimately it is a reduced necessity to have someone on hand to assist you removing it from your storage or vehicle and attaching it onto the front of your chair yourself. Increasing your independence as the user of the handbike enables greater freedom to get outdoors again without exhausting yourself, accommodate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. With such a great range of handbikes available in the Klaxon range, there is a great chance you, with our professional consultants' help, will be able to find an adaptive wheelchair add-on handbike that will suit you.

"Having been lucky enough to have had a go on this, when compared to some other power trike styles this has a lot of pros. It is easy to engage with & dis-engage with independent of needing help. It's lovely & small, the smallest in space I've ever encountered & therefore ideal for doing many things, including going in & out off shops & small tight spaces which can be a problem in other styles. In bigger styles, the user has to do a ten-point turn whereas not with this one. It's definitely something all wheelchair users who like to be independent or need electric assistants should look at & RECARE are a fabulous family-run company. I've used them for years for all my mobility needs"

Material Aluminium
Motor 48V x 500W
Wheel 20″ | 51 cm
Smooth tread tyre
Display Multifunction LCD
5 push-assistance selection
Battery 11Ah Lithium
Handlebar Aluminium adjustable
Brakes 6.3" | 16 cm
Double Brake System
Dimensions Width: 23.6" | 60 cm
Height: 49" | 125 cm
Depth: 19.7" | 50 cm
Connection KLICK Linking System Klaxon®
Weight 18 kg | 39.7 lbs
(battery excluded)
up to 50 km | 31 miles
Gears 9
Included accessories Battery 11Ah
USB Phone Charger
Battery charger
Foldable kickstand