Klaxon Klick Electric Mini Wheelchair Handbike

Klaxon Klick Electric Mini Wheelchair Handbike

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Klaxon Klick Electric Mini Wheelchair Handbike

This product is so compact and lightweight, this product is easy to carry in the car and manageable in use.

"Having been lucky enough to have had a go on this, when compared to some other power trike styles this has a lot of pros. It is easy to engage with & dis-engage with independent of needing help. It's lovely & small, the smallest in space I've ever encountered & therefore ideal for doing many things, including going in & out off shops & small tight spaces which can be a problem in other styles. In bigger styles, the user has to do a ten point turn whereas not with this one. It's definitely something all wheelchair users who like to be independent or need electric assistants should look at & RECARE are a fabulous family run company. I've used them for years for all my mobility needs"

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