Invacare Medley Ergo Medical Bed

Invacare Medley Ergo Medical Bed

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Invacare Medley Ergo Medical Bed

Medley Ergo Family is one of the Invacare Medley Ergo range. The Medley Ergo range boast of several mattress platform sections that offers improved comfort for clients, reduces shear and friction when the bed sections are being adjusted and prevents clients sliding downwards.

The Medley Ergo Family by Invacare is designed with special features – it is equipped with a special transport fitting that lets the bed collapsed easily, moved and re-installed in a variety of locations. Assembling of this bed is quite easy; you don’t need any tool or technician to get this done as anyone can simply do this following the instructions. This saves your time, effort, and money.

Are they worried about the height? That is no longer an issue; Medley Ergo Family comes with a flexible design that lets the bed to be mounted at an extra low height, or a higher position (if preferred). This creates a range of working levels for the carer and transfer heights for the patient. This is made possible by the unique design of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted in both upper and lower positions. The side rails are strictly in compliance with the new standard – IEC 60601-2-52.

This version of the Medley Ergo range reduces shear and friction, increases comfort when sitting, minimises the risk of slipping downwards during profiling, and it is optimised for shorter and unstable patients. Below are some key features of the Medley Ergo Family:

  • Homely design: Comes with an attractive modest design that fits perfectly with clients.
  • Medley Ergo Low: Makes it easier for individuals to get in and out of bed, equating to greater independence for users. Also offers a range of adjustable heights, from 21 - 61 cm and 28 - 68 cm.
  • Shipping and Storage: It is easy to transport when placed on the dedicated transporter.
  • Double height positions for bed ends: Adjustable height ranges for Medley Ergo of 33 – 73 cm or 40 – 80 cm. Medley Ergo Low 22 – 62 cm or 29 – 69 cm.
  • Lifting Pole: This makes it light and easily adjustable.
  • Mattress support extension: Come with the extension kit for increasing mattress support length by 15 cm.