Invacare Etude Plus Medical Bed

Invacare Etude Plus Medical Bed

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Invacare Etude Plus Medical Bed

The Etude Plus care bed is equipped with excellent features that make it perfect for homecare use. The features span across aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, ease of handling, durability, etc. If you're worried about transporting and installing a bed, you would surely opt for Etude Plus. This is because the bed is quite easy to transport and install in your home. Assembling and dismantling of the bed is just a breeze, and it can be used with a transport adaptor.

Etude Plus by Invacare is built with a deep understanding of comfort and safety needs among users. Therefore, the bed comes with extra low height levels, which ensures protection from injury – especially for users who are likely to fall off the bed. The low level also helps patients to get in and out of bed. It also has a lockable hand control for increased safety.

With its flexible design, the bed fits perfectly with any interior. Configuration of the bed can be done with steel or wood side rails, with or without an extra wood plate, and can be customised with auto-regression for increased comfort and reduction in shear and friction. Portability and storage are also not left out; Etude Plus simple designs ensure easy assembling dismantling without tools – this can be done by a single person easily. Below are some key features of the Invacare Etude Plus:

  • Built-In low version with Double Brackets: Easy and quick attachment of mattress that supports bed ends with different heights for different purposes.
  • Easy Maintenance: Etude Plus is quite economical. It can be dismantled and assembled without tools. The cabling between the control unit and the motor can be accessed and replaced easily.
  • Auto-Regression: This provides enhanced comfort when seated, reduced shear/ friction.
  • Hand Control: Comes with slim ergonomic hand control. You can either choose the one with or without lockable functions.
  • Etude Plus Low: The low height increases safety and reduces the risk of people susceptible to falling from the bed. The height can be adjustable between 20-60 cm and 27-67 cm.
  • Transport and Storage: When placed on transport kit, the bed is easy to store and transport.