Alber E-Fix E35/36

Alber E-Fix E35/36

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The new and improved e-fix E35 offers a smarter, lighter way to convert your manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. With a compact battery pack, lightweight components and a new sleek hand control, the e-fix E35 is the best way to travel in a wheelchair.

Compatible with most manual wheelchairs.

Price starts at £4374.00 for the E-FIX 35. For the larger battery with the E-36 price starts at £5072.00.

Fitting included in the price. To arrange simply give us a call on 01572 755204. 


The Alber e-fix is simply the perfect companion for your journeys. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the wheelchair power pack unit drive offers the best transportability in its class. The small footprint provides perfect maneuverability even in the tightest spaces. The sleek Joystick control unit offers you a quick way to check the remaining capacity of your batteries to see how far you can still drive. The mobility app for Android and Apple iOS phones provide most useful data such as distance travelled, remaining battery capacity, speed and other metrics.

The Alber e-fix features an optional available easyNavi navigation system in connection with your smartphone. With this feature, users can explore their destination and find their way with peace of mind. The e-fix App also provides notification. For instance, when you are a long ride, to make sure you do not miss anything, notifications on the Joystick controller screen will appear when you receive call or a text message.

This wheelchair power pack unit drive also features an optional available long-range Lithium-Ion battery pack, providing up to 20 km of range weighing only 2 kg. With the optional available speed upgrade to 8,5 km/h, you will arrive your destination in shorter time. Mobility Plus Pack, which comes with a user manual and a license to activate all the features of the App. For this, a smartphone with an internet connection is necessary. The Pack Mobility Plus is available from your service provider. Below are some key features of e-fix:

  • Speed: e-fix speed increase in maximum speed from 6 to 8 km / h. It has a new dynamic driving feeling with e-fix (The country's road traffic laws must be respected).
  • easyNavi: Features a navigation starting point – easy arrival point with a route suitable for wheelchairs, first GPS navigation system integrated into an electric wheelchair, importing routes (GPX)and maps – open
  • street map.
  • Remote control: It features a remote control for the wheelchair via your – smartphone.
  • Notification: Displays notifications on the screen of the manipulator in case of calls or SMS (function only available for smartphones under Android).
  • Cockpit: Display capacity and remaining battery life. Also records a journey traveled.
  • Mobility: With e-fix, users can cover long distances quickly and easily.