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Disability Grants Explained

If you suffer from a disability, or are the parent/carer of someone who does, you may qualify for a disability grant. For many it's hard to know how to find out whether you do qualify so we've written this guide on how to find out whether you qualify and what to do if you qualify.

The first website to look at is as this allows you to see what's available nationally and in your area.

Grants for Disabled Children

The regular expenses needed with raising kids are already substantial enough and for those whose child has greater needs, they are even bigger and treats like toys or holidays can certainly become hard to fund. Fortunately there are many charities and trusts who will help out usually with grants or contributions towards this so it is worth getting in contact with as many as you can.

Grants for Disabled Grants

Adults with disabilities of course want to live life like every other adult, but they face many barriers. Charities and trusts can help adults overcome these barriers, by helping to pay for medical equipment, home modifications, and education that was missed as a result of ill health.

Grants for Families and Carers

Having a disabled child or adult in the house can cause all sorts of changes, whether those changes are physical adaptations to provide the right support or requiring others to act as a carer. Physical modifications can be very expensive and you may be able to receive a grant from charities etc. for these.

Information on the carer's allowance can be found in this short blog.

Carer's Allowance Explained

Holiday Grants

Planning holidays for those with disabilities is never easy and for many the overwhelming task is something they choose not to do. However, holidays have been proven to have a positive mental health effect for all those in the family and you may be able to receive a grant for this.

Grants for Housing

Finding the right home for those with disabilities is another difficult task and usually requires renovations once in the home, such as ramps or fitting of a wet room etc. You can most likely apply for support from local councils for this.


Information sourced from Disability Grants Website