Stimulite Smart Cushion (with cover)

Stimulite Smart Cushion (with cover)

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The ultimate all-purpose cushion, the ventilated Stimulite Smart cushion features a soft top layer of specially engineered Stimulite honeycomb fused to a robust bottom layer with built-in bolsters for exceptional comfort, support and stability. At only 2-inches thick, this cushion weighs just 2 pounds. Machine washable.

Non Standard Sizes - these are available from sizes 12'' to 20'' but once you place your order, please email us at or call us on 01572 755204 to confirm desired size.


Sleek and modern, Supracor’s revolutionary Stimulite honeycomb is fast replacing conventional cushioning materials—foams and gels—in a wide range of seating applications, from office furniture to aerospace.

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that has “memory,” Stimulite is lightweight and distributes weight uniformly across its surface. Its cellular matrix consists of alternating thick- and thinwalled cells that flex when compressed to relieve pressure. When sitting on a Stimulite cushion, the compressed cells radiate outwards to surround and support the anatomy, self-adjusting to each individual while providing excellent stability. A unique ventilation system made up of tiny perforations in the cell walls allows air to circulate both horizontally and vertically, creating an ideal microclimate for long-term sitting comfort.

Stimulite has a proven track record in the medical field among wheelchair users and bedridden patients where performance is critical to prevent life-threatening pressure sores. Since 1994 Stimulite cushions and hospital mattresses have provided Total Pressure Management®—pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture—the key to pressure sore prevention.

And as its name implies, Stimulite provides an additional benefit important to long-term sitting comfort. The “footprint” of the flexible cells stimulates capillary action, keeping oxygenated blood in tissues and combating the numbness that can occur when sitting for long durations.