ROHO® AirLITE® Cushion

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Redesigned and improved with customer suggestions in mind

The lowering of the front and middle of the cushion by 2cm/0.75in on the new AirLITE improves the ease of transfer whilst also deepens the leg troughs to maintain a stable positioning capability. You can also enjoy a greater feeling of security in your wheelchair thanks to the lower height.

Based on engineering, clinical and scientific advice, this cushion is ideal for those who fit the following:

  • require a stabler environment for transfers.
  • have normal sensation.
  • need a non-adjustable, lightweight seating system.
  • require lower extremity alignment.
  • are at risk for soft tissue/skin breakdown.
  • require enhanced stability.

24 month warranty

To show our confidence in the durability and quality of this cushion, it comes with a 24 month warranty. The AirLITE is also an off-the-shelf product and is ready to use so no adjustments are required.

“Bottom-Out” protection

The ROHO AIR FLOATATION™ air insert is non-adjustable and built into the cushion under the ischials, it has also been improved to in order to give you better bottom-out protection.

Increased comfort

The softer foam allows the cushion to properly conform to the individual's physiology, meaning it gives you a more comfortable seating surface.

Heavy duty cover

The heavy duty cover's design with full zipper coverage, enhances the fluid resistance to protect the foam more. The cover is also 100% PVC-free, reinforcing ROHO's commitment to make products more environmentally friendly.


ROHO is the global leader in providing seating solutions that offer soft tissue and skin protection, and seating solutions that treat and prevent pressure injuries, including deep tissue injuries.

Clinical Evidence

ROHO has taken part in more than 90 clinical and scientific studies to verify and reinforce that a ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushion prevents, heals and treats pressure injuries including deep tissue injury.


ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushions are able to adapt to whatever shifts or movements individuals make throughout the day, in order to maintain optimal support and comfort.

When you place an order we will contact you to confirm the correct cushion size for your new cushion.