REHASENSE CRUISER 16'' Power Add-On for Manual/Active Wheelchairs

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Cruiser 16" Power Add-On

The Cruiser 16" power add-on is a perfect hybrid for those who want a seriously smooth ride on both journeys into town and across forest trails. You also won't need any frame alterations or additional power add-ons for your wheelchair, making this a great and simple addition to any wheelchair, that will stick with you even if you switch to another chair.

Key features:

  • Has a standard 48V11.2Ah lithium-ion battery, which delivers 556 watts
  • Boasts an IP54 waterproof rating and will withstand rain and moisture
  • Due to the wide range of adjustment in the clamping system, the Cruiser 16" can be fitted to a vast range of folding or rigid frame chairs
  • Automatic or manual clamping & lifting are available to choose from
  • Normal or Tetra handles are available to choose from
  • Track assistance: self-centring tracking to keep you stable
  • Inserts and durable packing carton are provided to protect the Cruiser 16" from any damage during transport.
  • A full set of adjusting tools is provided with each Cruiser 16"