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Used Mobility Scooter Guide

Buying a mobility scooter is an investment. If you need one but do not have the funds for a new mobility scooter, then you may want to consider a used mobility scooter. A second-hand mobility scooter costs less. And may be a way to buy a mobility scooter model of your choice that’s no longer in production.

Why Buy a Used Mobility Scooter?

If, as an elderly or disabled person, you are contemplating the purchase of a mobility scoter, then buying a used mobility scooter offers some distinct benefits if you’re willing to forego the security and assurances of warranties that accompany a new scooter. Sellers may promote a particular model by pricing it at a lower rate or equipping it with features. Such buys are a good opportunity to save money and acquire a good mobility scooter. 

Affordability - A lower price is the biggest reason people choose to buy 2nd hand mobility scooters. The used mobility scooter market is competitive and with a little research and bargaining, you can land yourself a real value-for-money deal.

Accessories – Used mobility scooters invariably come with accessories. People choose to accessorize out of necessity or for comfort. You don’t have to pay for new accessories such as a basket, an oxygen tank holder, and trays.

Choice – The market for used mobility scooters is diverse and you can buy a mobility scooter best-suited to your needs. If you’re looking for maneuverable vehicles that’ll serve well in tight spaces, then there are enough three-wheelers to choose from. Four-wheel scooters are stable and great for uneven surfaces. 

Used Mobility Scooter Checklist 

This checklist will let you make an informed decision on the best second hand mobility scooter for you – 

  • Size – Smaller scooters are easier to maneuver and a good choice for pavements. You may want one that is easily dismantled and stored for use during travels. Larger scooters can travel longer distances and have more powerful batteries. 
  • Ask Questions – Are the sellers considering your needs? Will the mobility scooter be delivered fully assembled? Because if you purchase it online, you may have to assemble it. What are the returns policies of the seller? What are the policies regarding the servicing of the vehicle?
  • Test Drive – As far as possible, test drive the vehicle to get a sense of the comfort offered and your ability to maneuver it. This is even more important when buying used mobility scooters. How does the scooter slow down, stop, and turn? Are you able to use the controls, such as lights and indicators, comfortably, given the nature and extent of your disability. 
  • Rent a Mobility Scooter – Rent a mobility scooter or two to check your reactions in using the vehicle in different situations, for example when nearing pedestrians or having to cross a road. 
  • Accessories – You may have to pay extra for accessories or with research, you can purchase from a seller that includes select and useful accessories. 
  • Delivery – If you want a quick delivery, buying the used or new mobility scooter from a bricks and mortar store may be a better idea. Online purchases can take time to arrive.  

When buying a used mobility scooter, you should check for the most commonly occurring issues. These include a poorly performing battery, worn tires, faulty ignition switch, and issues with the steering. Used mobility scooters are sold pre-checked but you need to exercise due diligence to avoid expensive repairs and replacements later on. 

If the used mobility scooter comes with anti-theft devices, that’s a bonus. Otherwise, consider purchasing a scooter alarm, apply a tracker, register the device, and add a wheel lock. 

Care exercised during the purchase of a used mobility scooter brings down the chances of out-of-pocket expenses later on. If you can buy from a used scooter seller offering a warranty, then do so. The vehicle may cost more but can potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

If purchasing a used mobility scooter online is the only alternative you’ve got, then read reviews before making up your mind. Call the seller with questions about information not provided on their website. 

Mobility Scooter Servicing 

You must check with the seller about the most suitable servicing routine for the second-hand mobility scooter. Timely maintenance at home and servicing by qualified mechanics adds to the life of the vehicle and ensures safety. 

A garage that services mobility scooters will also be able to repair these for breakdown, damage, and faults. 

For servicing, most garages send their vans to the scooter owner’s home. The servicing and repairs are carried out on the premises. Check if the garage backs its work with a guarantee. Some garages may even provide courtesy scooters free of charge, if the servicing or repairs are to take long and the vehicle needs to be shifted to the workshop. 

You may want to check if the garage complies with the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) code of practice that is governed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

Commonly executed servicing activities include testing the batteries and battery charger; checking and testing the ignition and brakes; checking the tires and rims for damage and wear; greasing and lubricating the moving parts; checking the lights and indicators; checking the electrical wiring, tiller, and console; etc.  

Finance for Mobility Scooters

Flexible mobility scooter finance repayable at easy installments are an opportunity for the disabled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These work out cheaper than renting such scooters and is something our finance partner Klarna can support with. 

Financing options vary in terms of the interest charged, duration of the loan, and ease of working with the lender. Online reviews are a great way to compare lenders. Some lenders offer free delivery of these scooters. Small deductions over a period of 12 months to 48 months are far more manageable than a one-time expense of a new or even a used mobility scooter.

You can bring home a mobility scooter with a small £50 deposit. 

Purchasing a used mobility scooter is easy when you know the questions to ask. Shop around, ask questions, and always try to test drive the vehicle. It can save you a lot of money and hassles later on. 

Use the information on this used mobility scooter checklist to buy the best one for your needs.