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Mobility Scooter Battery Upgrade Guide

Ever wondered the best way to care for your mobility scooter battery? Our guide will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you are caring for your battery correctly to ensure you can get the best out of it.

What Type Of Battery Do Mobility Scooters Use?

Most mobility scooters today use AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) or Gel batteries and typically this is what most new mobility scooters will come fitted with from new. Lithium batteries however are becoming more popular in higher-end class 3 mobility scooter models due to the power output and the longevity they provide to scooter riders. 

Almost all mobility scooters on the market from portable and lightweight scooters to heavier class 3 scooters come fitted with two 12v battery which provides an overall power output of 24v. The benefit of a standard cyclic battery is the steady current they provide which means they can run for extended periods with no impact on performance as long as they are maintained correctly. 

What Battery Should you use?

If you are looking for an upgrade or replacement for your mobility scooter, we already have a huge range of mobility scooter batteries available online. Most of the batteries we currently offer are sealed lead-acid batteries as we believe these offer the best performance for our scooter range. 

AGM Batteries

AGM scooter batteries contain an Absorbent Glass Mat which is a mesh element suspended between battery plates. This type of battery provides a sealed and almost maintenance-free battery. AGM batteries are well trusted due to the higher discharge rate they provider over something like the more common gel battery.

Alongside this AGM Batteries can provide a higher power output when compared to other batteries on the market. 

Advantages of an AGM Mobility Battery

  • Affordable Level Battery
  • Reliable in most scenarios
  • Cheaper than other batteries on the market
  • Low maintenance levels

Gel Mobility Scooter Batteries

Unlike the AGM battery, gel batteries contain a gel liquid electrolyte which provides a slower discharge this means they can power your mobility scooter at a slower pace but for a longer period. 

Gel Batteries are typically used in off-road terrain scooters due to the durability of the battery itself, purely due to the longevity of the battery and how they can disrupt power over time. 

Advantages of an AGM Mobility Battery

  • Longevity of battery
  • Suitable for all-terrain mobility scooters

Lead Crystal Batteries

This newer type of battery on the market is becoming more and more popular due to the SiO2 lead acid which provides a much longer life span than the previous two batteries we have spoken about. This means you’ll be required to replace your battery less often.

Lead Crystal mobility scooter batteries can also withstand deep discharges, providing your mobility scooter with a much further range which is ideal if you’re using a class 3 mobility scooter. If you’re typically going to be using your scooter to commute and travel over longer distances, we’d recommend you consider a Lead Crystal battery, 

Advantages of a Lead Crystal Mobility Battery

  • Longevity of battery
  • deal for Class 3 Scooters
  • Newer robust technology

Lithium Mobility Scooter Batteries

Lithium scooter batteries are the higher end in terms of budget when it comes to pricing however these batteries are up to 7 times lighter than your typical battery which makes them perfect if you are on the go a lot and need to charge less.

Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and leak-proof as they do not contain an electrolyte and are suitable for intensive use.

Advantages of a Lithium Mobility Battery

  • Longevity of battery
  • Ideal for Portable Scooters
  • Ultra-lightweight 

Can you upgrade your scooter battery for Greater Range?

Depending on the model and service package you have with your mobility scooter you can upgrade your mobility scooter battery. Upgrading to a Lithium or Lead Crystal battery will provide you which a much better range (typically up to 20% further).

Choosing a higher capacity battery can also increase the overall range of your battery which means you can travel for longer without the need for regular charges. The one thing to consider when looking at upgrading your mobility scooter battery is the overall fitment.

Fitting a new and larger battery can lead to fitment problems on your scooter so it’s always advisable to speak to our care team who can ensure you have the right information on battery types before making a purchase.