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January 2021 - Walk Your Dog Month

If there is one thing that helped put a smile on everyone’s face in the difficult year that was 2020, it was the arrival of new family members – specifically the four-legged furry kind! Sales of puppies and dog adoptions increased exponentially during 2020 as most people found they had more time on their hands at home. Let’s be honest, they were also a great excuse to get out more than once a day and gave us all a sense of purpose and some much-needed fresh air.

January 2021 hails the arrival of ‘Walk Your Dog’ month, and we don’t think it could have come at a better time. Even better, it’s not something that even lockdown can interfere with! Walking has some great health benefits including improving our cardiovascular health and helping to maintain a healthy weight and fitness. Even our mental health is improved by getting some fresh air – something I think we can all agree is especially important at the minute.

Admittedly when suffering with a disability it does make any sort of walking more difficult, but by no means impossible. Mobility scooters can allow you to travel further distances, without the fear of getting tired or falling over when out in the countryside. They are a great way to regain any lost independence and the speed adjustments and controls mean you can still bring your furry companion along for some company. We’ve known customers bring their dogs along for a ride on their lap, have them walk or run alongside the scooter, or even sit in the front basket!

Owning a mobility scooter or powerchair doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to those adventurous country walks either. A walk round the block has its benefits, but it’s not half the fun of exploring new areas or visiting the lake district and the mobility industry recognises that. With a range of off-roading scooters to choose from you can be confident on any terrain, including grass and even gravel. The enhanced suspension and larger tyres even mean you can travel in comfort.

We don’t think you should miss out on any experiences, and certainly not life’s little pleasures due to having a disability. If you need any advice about getting out and about, whether its to walk the dog or just to get some fresh air yourself, we’re always on hand to advise.

To help get in the spirit of things (and just because we love cute doggy pictures…) we’re running a competition throughout the length of January. Send us a photo and a brief description of you and your pup out and about on a walk and our favourite at the end of the month will receive a £10.00 voucher to spend in store. To start you off, here’s one of our very own! Tracy runs our sister store over in Stratford upon Avon, and here’s her husband Michael with her two adorable Labradors Sophie and Jessie out on a walk.