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How to Maintain Your Mobility Scooter Battery

All mobility scooters typically have varying battery life depending on the terrain you go on and how often you’re using your scooter. It’s important however to jot only ensure your scooter is correctly serviced but also ensuring you care for your battery which can lead to a longer life span.

Run down new batteries

When you first get a new mobility scooter it’s vital similar to a new phone to charge your scooter fully and the run down your battery to empty. Doing this a few times will increase the likelihood that your battery will continue working to full capacity in the future.

Avoid top-up charges

Spot charging your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair can lead to loss of overall charge. If you create a regular charging routine such as charging in the evening this can help ensue your scooter is always fully charged and ready for your new journey.

As a general rule, only charge your batteries when they need charging, and make sure they aren’t taken off until they are fully charged. The most common and convenient times to charge your mobility scooter are usually at night when it is no longer in use and can have a pro-longed period charging.

Don’t overcharge

Over charging your mobility scooter can impact how well your battery in the future will hold charge. Depending on what scooter you have such as a portable scooter or a larger class 3 scooter will depend on how long it will take to charge however typically most scooters will need 8 hours charging.

Some newer models of scooters will also come with indicators that will show you when the overall battery is fully charged making it easier to know when to take off charge.

Use the right charger

Although you can get additional chargers off online marketplaces if you do not use an official charger this could also impact how well your mobility scooter battery maintains charge and again could lead to long term loss of battery charge.

The Aspire2 team can help suggest the top charger which will work with your battery and ensure you have the best charger for your battery.

Check your warranty

All mobility scooters and batteries come with a warranty which can provide re-assurance should you run into any issues with your battery and it is holding charge. We stock batteries with a no-quibble 12-month warranty, and a 24-month warranty on chargers.

If you have any questions about mobility scooter batteries or chargers, feel free to get in touch with one of our customer support team who would be happy to advice on the best charger for your mobility scooter.