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Guide to stairlifts

As all sets of stairs vary in shape and even whether they’re straight, curved or spiral stairs there’s no such thing as a standard stairlift. If you are considering having a stairlift installed, it’s important to understand what will suit your situation best so you know what to expect.

Several designs of stairlifts have been created over the years to accommodate for a variety of houses and stairs, from modern and smaller homes to old and larger properties, so there will definitely be an option for you.

When you have contacted a dealer that provides stairlifts and installation, someone will come out to your home to ascertain which type of stairlift is best for your situation.

Curved staircases

Curved stairs are likely a more simple task than you would expect. If you have a spiral staircase that curves gradually then a suitable rail will already be installed, onto which a stairlift will usually be fitted.

Some curved staircases will have a landing halfway up them and these come in two different types. If your staircase has a landing and curves around to the right or left, this is referred to as a quarter landing. If they curve back on top of themselves then this is referred to as a half landing. What’s important to know is that in either case you can still have the stairlift you need and want.

Straight staircases

Many people will have a straight staircase that goes to the first floor of your home, in this case a straight stairlift is obviously needed but you also need to take into account the width of the staircase.


We at Aspire2 Mobility work with two partner companies, Stannah Stairlifts and Companion, who can provide all aforementioned stairlifts. If you call us on 01572 755204 we can arrange visits from both companies so you can compare quotes and decide whether you are interested.

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