Graeme Lowery

I live in a rural area with roads that are not suitable for a scooter and as for a pavement....there isn’t any! I needed a scooter that I could dismantle with little effort, place in the back of my pickup and enjoy the freedom to walk my dogs. A foldable or travel scooter was not an option for me and I needed a full size 8mph one.
I contacted Oakham Mobility & Healthcare who suggested a scooter where the frame splits in two which sounded ideal. At the time they didn’t have this particular model in stock but said they would speak to the manufacturer and try and get one in for me to look at. The following working day Oakham rang to say they had managed to get one and I was welcome to look at it at my convenience.
On arrival, I feared the guys at Oakham would dread my ‘fussy’ requirements as I needed to know the exact size of each component when the scooter was dismantled to ensure it would fit in my truck. I shouldn’t have worried as they offered to dismantle it there and then and precisely measure each part. The beauty of this scooter is that no tools are needed to dismantle it and within a couple of minutes the scooter comprising of front frame section, rear section, seat, basket and batteries were laid out on the floor and being measured. Now that’s what I call service!! However, that was not enough for Oakham as they then offered to load it on to my pickup saying that the only way to be sure it will fit is to load it. To say I was gobsmacked at the lengths they went to help is an understatement!
Happily the scooter fitted fine and as it was already loaded it seemed a shame to unload it again so after completing the formalities I set off for home. It wasn’t long before I was unloading and ten minutes later I was whizzing up and down my drive before parking in the garage.
Nothing was a trouble for the Guys & Girls from Oakham and I can not thank you enough for going the extra mile!!