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Can You Get A Mobility Scooter On The NHS?

Depending on your circumstances there might be some support available from the NHS for your mobility scooter, although typically, the NHS will not provide mobility scooters. Motability is a scheme developed to assist with getting the aids you need to live a relatively independent life.

Aspire2 Mobility has also partnered with Klarna finance to make getting a mobility scooter even easier. To find out the options available to you, speak to one of our in-store advisors who will be happy to assist with any questions you might have.

How to get a wheelchair or scooter

Depending on your location and the nature of your disability/condition, the NHS might provide you with a wheelchair. However, in almost all cases, a mobility scooter will not be available as the NHS do not tend to own scooters, and thus, cannot lend them out.

The Motability scheme is the perfect alternative if you do require a mobility scooter and can help with the cost of hiring or buying a new mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Motability is a non-profit scheme that is for people receiving the high-rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.

Buying a mobility scooter

If you do not qualify for support from the NHS or from the Motability scheme, you might consider purchasing a mobility scooter. Aspire2 mobility has a huge range of scooters from small portable scooters to class 3 scooters which could match your requirements. We’ve also partnered up with Klarna to be able to offer a range of flexible finance options to enable you to get the perfect mobility scooter.

If you’re considering a new mobility scooter, it’s important to know the types of mobility scooters on the market and the requirements needed to ride scooters on the road or footpath such as ensuring your mobility scooter is registered with the DVLA.

Finally, it’s important when shopping around for a new scooter to consider the accessories you potentially might need from a spare mobility scooter battery to additional carry bags to hold your groceries and extra shopping.

Don’t forget when purchasing a new mobility scooter to discuss warranty options with the Aspire2 team to ensure you’re always covered if you run into issues.