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Best All Terrain / Off Road Mobility Scooters

With winter fast approaching in the UK we want to ensure our customers can remain active and enjoy a busy lifestyle no matter what the UK weather brings.

That’s why we’ve collated the very best-off road mobility scooters available at Aspire2 that can provide you with the mobility you need in the colder months.

Top 3 Outdoor Mobility Scooters 2021

TGA Vita X All Terrain Scooter

The TGA Vita is one of the most robust mobility scooters on the market and comes with a range of off-road capabilities. The Vita X from TGA mobility comes with double wishbone technology and enhanced rear shock absorbers to help take the impact as you use your mobility scooter off road.

The TGA X can handle up to a 25 stone weight limit and comes with an improved 900w motor to ensure you have enough power to get through the roughest of terrain areas.

 Freerider Land Ranger XL8


The Freerider Land Ranger XL8 is classed as the rolls Royce of all terrain scooters delivering a comfortable ride with a max speed of 8mph. This luxury mobility scooter features full suspension and comes equipped with a captain’s seat which is not seen on some other scooter models.

The Land Ranger XL8 can carry up to 30 stone in weight so slightly more than the TGA Vita X and has a higher ground clearance of until 21.6cm. This off road mobility scooter can be purchased with the Motability scheme for just £33.70 depending on your circumstances.

Pride Ranger

 Pride Ranger

The final in our round up of heavy weight mobility scooters the pride ranger is true contender with a max speed of 8mph similar to the other models and a extra high wheel based this unique mobility scooter has chunky pneumatic tyres and enhanced front and rear suspension to give it the real comfortability.

 All Terrain Mobility Scooter FAQs

Which mobility scooter is best for rough terrain?

Any all terrain mobility scooter will be sufficient if you’re needing to navigate over rough terrain as part of your scooter journey.

Can mobility scooter drive on grass?

All terrain and off road mobility scooters are really versatile and durable which means all our mobility scooters can be driven on grass.

What mobility scooter has the best range?

Although most all terrain mobility scooters come with a default range you have the ability to upgrade your mobility scooter battery to improve your overall range.