Jay Lite Cushion

Jay Lite Cushion

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Lite Cushion

Specifically designed for the active client seeking minimal weight.

For the active client seeking minimal weight.

Product Features:

  • Extremely lightweight, breathable, airflow layered foam base with ischial cut outs
  • Excellent lateral and forward/rearward stability achieved via combination of Optiwell™ technology and firmness layering in base – “the pelvis fits the well”
  • Optiwell technology, ischial cut-outs and scooped foam in pelvic loading area (PLA) effectively redistribute pressure away from the ‘at risk‘ bony prominences
  • Microclimatic cover with 3DX™ spacer fabric for heat and moisture dissipation
  • Clinical Application:

    • Symmetrical client requires comfort with minimal weight but mild/moderate postural support
    • Mild to moderate lateral and foreward/rearward stability needs
    • Moderate risk of skin breakdown
    • Able to perform independent weight shifts
    • Requires heat and moisture dissipation

    lightweight cushion

    At just 670g, the JAY Lite cushion is the perfect complement to super lightweight aluminium and titanium manual wheelchairs such as the Quickie Helium and Helium Pro. The innovative design of lightweight foam base, inserts and fabric provide comfort and support without the compromise of adding extra weight.

    Superior breathability

    Heat and moisture are known factors that can lead to development of skin breakdown. The outer cover of the JAY Lite is made from 3DX spacer fabric that vents heat and moisture. Airflow is further increased through the perforated foam base and porous foam insert in the seat well.

    Pressure distribution

    Some seat wells tend to slope too quickly, placing tension on the tissue between the bony prominences of the pelvis and those of the hips and thighs. They may also slope too gradually, failing to reduce weight on the (at risk) bony prominences of the pelvis. With the JAY Lite, the OptiWell™ pelvic loading area is optimally shaped and sized to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis, without placing excessive strain on the tissue between the pelvis, hips and thighs. Ischial cut-outs (cut-outs under the bony prominences of the pelvis – ischial tuberosities) and scooped reticulated foam inserts also significantly reduce reaction forces that are caused by foam compression.

    Postural stability

    The pre-contoured angle of the OptiWell™ wall matches the angle of the pelvic bone structure, resulting in both lateral and forward / rearward stability due to a more evenly distributed load. In addition, firmness layering of the foam base provides optimal comfort without sacrificing stability. The soft EVA foam provides comfort whilst the firm Oletex foam offers positioning and support. Also available is a positioning version that includes two adductors and one abductor, helping the user to maintain appropriate postural stability.