Jay Union - Reduced Profile

Jay Union - Reduced Profile

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The perfect combination of foam and fluid

The JAY UNION is a medium to high risk skin protection cushion offering enhanced stability and comfort based on fundamental seating principles and advanced design technology

from the JAY Balance.

Features include:
  • JAY optimum seat well technology
  • Rear wall with sacral notch cut out
  • Deeply contoured, multi-layered contoured foam base
  • JAY flow fluid technology
  • New MemGel memory foam top layer
  • Innovative dual cover technology
  • Two height options (Standard or Reduced Profile)
  • High maximum user weight
JAY Optimum Seat Well Technology & Rear Wall with Sacral Notch Cut Out

The 2" deep anatomically shaped seat well increases pelvic and thigh stability and re-distributes pressure. This key feature is unique to JAY and separates it from other conventional medium to high risk skin protection cushions. The front and rear well walls have been designed specifically to prevent fluid migration and also reduce pressure around the sacral area. This design also helps keep the fluid where it is needed. Conventional medium risk cushions often struggle to prevent 'bottoming out' due to fluid migration when the seat is tilted.

For optimised immersion for each individual, the JAY Seat Well size and firmness of the foam are automatically determined by cushion width and correspond directly with user weight. The result is a simple to order cushion that effectively meets the needs of smaller, lighter users through to larger, heavier users.

New MemGel® Memory Foam Topper

The 1" thick overlay of gel infused swirled MemGel® foam has several functions. Unlike conventional solid visco cushions, the MemGel® topper increases the immersion of the pelvis and thighs to spread pressure more evenly whilst preventing heat build up and compromising on lateral stability.

Innovative MemGel® effectively reduces heat and moisture by increasing air flow through the surface, whilst the gel absorbs the heat thereby enhancing user comfort and function.

JAY Flow™ Fluid Insert Technology

The JAY Flow fluid insert that lies beneath the Visco™ foam conforms to each individual's unique contours for even pressure distribution beneath the pelvis and a reduced risk of skin breakdown. This cushion offers great pressure relief with no maintenance.

Deeply Contoured, Multi-layered Foam Base

The more aggressively contoured base, deeper seat well and 1" lateral hip supports improve positioning of the pelvis and thighs.

Innovative Dual Cover Technology

The water-resistant dartex inner cover with aqua guard zipper and anti-wicking thread protects the base foam from water ingress. It is easy to clean, enhances durability and meets infection control requirements.

The microclimatic outer cover features 3DX and spacer fabrics to improve breathability and reduce moisture build up and skin breakdown. Conventional mid range visco cushions struggle to effectively reduce heat build up when sat for longer periods

Two Heights

Unlike conventional mid range cushions, the UNION is available in two heights, standard and reduced profile (1” lower) – making it ideal for manual or power chair users.