Jay Xtreme Active Cushion

Jay Xtreme Active Cushion

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Xtreme Active Cushion

Increased skin protection for active wheelchair users.

Increased skin protection for active wheelchair users.

The JAY Xtreme Active is a lightweight and low profile wheelchair cushion for active performance and easy transfers. Designed to provide both pressure relief and stability to active users, the JAY fluid pad insert maximises skin protection and reduces shear on the active user. The dual cover system promotes air flow and dissipates heat and moisture effectively. Thigh positioning can be achieved through retrofittable leg support components.

Two different fluid options

Available with the standard base, the standard fluid pad gives a moderate-to-high level of pressure redistribution. Alternatively, the large fluid pad has a higher amount of fluid for greater immersion and pressure re-distribution of prominent bony areas of the pelvis and hips. It's designed for wheelchair users with advanced muscle atrophy who require more fluid but don't want a heavier, high-profile cushion. It comes with a base with a larger pelvic loading area.

Leg support components

The optional 2.5 cm high adductor and abductor components can be easily placed on the inner cushion cover through velcro. The thighs can be properly positioned which encourages orthopaedic alignment and increases seating tolerance.

A selection of cover types

In addition to the microclimatic cover, the JAY Xtreme Active wheelchair cushion is also available with an outer incontinence cover or stretch cover for greater immersion. Regardless of your choice, all covers come with a useful accessory bag that is stitched onto the cover and are also machine washable at 60°C.

Dual cushion cover technology

The innovative inner and outer cover provides excellent microclimate and effective incontinence management. The inner-cover material is water resistant and is easy to wipe and clean. The Aqua-guard zipper and anti-wicking thread ensures that the foam base remains dry whilst the microclimatic outer-cover utlises 3DX™ fabric to dissipate heat and moisture (to maintain skin integrity).