Invacare Fox Power Wheelchair

Invacare Fox Power Wheelchair

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Assessment and demonstration strongly advised before purchasing since this is a bespoke prescriptive item built to your requirements. To arrange simply give us a call on 01572 755204.

Invacare Fox power wheelchair

Fox is an efficient powerchair that meets users need adequately. It is equipped with excellent features to make life more convenient for everyday powerchair users. Fox has excellent outdoor traction - with integrated ModuliteTM seating system, which allows for more adjustment possibilities to cater for a wide range of various user needs.

Fox by Invacare comes with a compact and efficient design, which maximise independence for users through its compact build. The Fox’s efficient motors make it ideal for users who want to travel those extra few kilometres in a comfortable and safe powerchair. Additionally, it can be easily dismantled and quickly folded for more excellent transportability.

The Invacare Fox wheelchair is also quick to set up and to store. It can change from a short to an extended wheelbase, preventing any stability limitations a user may have. Settings can be stored and retrieved, making it easy to set-up and adapt to each user. The entire unit can be manually tipped when folded and maneuvered; this makes it easy to store and convenient to deliver. Fox also features advanced modulate seating, which creates more adjustment possibilities – thus bringing more support and ensuring a greater level of comfort for the user.

  • LiNX controls: It is equipped with a LiNX control system, which brings revolutionary driving experience to users. It uses the latest technology to allow for accurate control and predictable driving experience for the user.
  • Enhanced control system: The ergonomically designed LiNX user remotes bring a new level of simplicity and control to users. It also has the LiNX attendant control, which allows professionals and carers to benefit from the steady and predictable drive experience.
  • Real-time programming and diagnostics: With this feature, professionals can connect to the controller on the Fox via Bluetooth, this allows programming and maintenance updates to be made wirelessly, as well as accessing live chair diagnostics, in real-time.
  • Modulite telescopic inner frame: This allows for smooth seat depth, width, and center of gravity adjustments.
  • Folding mechanism: It has more links than a traditional crossbar for better stress distribution and reduced wear.
  • 4-point tie downs: The base on the Fox includes built-in and crash-tested tie-downs.

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