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Preparing your Mobility Scooter for Winter

Mobility scooters are fairly robust however there are some things you should ensure you do to keep your mobility scooter correctly maintained throughout the winter months. The first consideration to have is whether or not you’ll be using your scooter throughout the winter months or if it will be stored in a dry place.

We’ve rounded up our key tips and ticks for the winter months to ensue your scooter does not become damaged and won’t require additional maintenance and servicing in the warmer months.

Prepare for winter conditions

The British weather can be very cold and wet during the colder months so we’d always recommend if you’ll still be using your mobility scooter that you consider purchasing a rain cover that will at least keep you dry on your commute.

Check Your Tyres

Ensuring your tyres are correctly maintained and pumped up with the correct pressure will ensure you are kept safe on the roads or pavements during the winter. The cold weather can sometimes impact the overall pressure of your tyres so it’s important to check them regularly and replace any tyres that are damaged or worn.

During icy conditions you need to ensure you scooter is safe to ride so ensure you check for any damage or wear and tear before heading out on any journey.

Battery Maintenance

Depending on when your last service was it can be important to check and maintain your batter. Ensure your battery is kept fully charged and that you are not over charging if you’re using your scooter less often during the colder days.

It’s also useful sometimes to ensue you disconnect your battery and store in a warm and dry place to prevent any potential damage which might be caused from the colder nights.

Stay Visible

We always encourage scooter riders to purchase relevant accessories which will help ensure they can be seen in the darker evenings as they set in. The typical accessories we always advise our customers to purchase include adding a safety light, wearing high visibility clothing, or adding reflectors to the vehicle so that car lights reflect off you.

Get your scooter serviced

The final thing to consider when preparing your scooter for winter is to ensure you have a recent service carried out this will not only provide you with peace of mind but it will also ensure your scooter is in a road worthy condition and that key things like tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.